1999 Newspaper of the Year

Am Bratach, a not-for-profits publication, became the first-ever winner of the Highlands and Islands Community Newspaper of the Year award in 1999. The competition, to be held annually, is sponsored by Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Classic Malts. It attracted twenty-five entries in its first year. Click for Highlands and Islands Enterprise press release

2000 Runner-up Young Journalist of the Year

Early in 2000, Kinlochbervie High School pupil and Bratach columnist, Simon Mitchell of Scourie, came within a whisker of winning the Highlands and Islands Young Journalist of the Year award. This competition is open to all journalists working in the Highlands. Simon, who turned sixteen shortly before being declared runner-up, competed head-on with full-time professionals.

2001 Feature Writer of the Year

At the end of January 2001, regular Bratach columnist Bruce Sandison was declared Feature Writer of the Year for the Highlands and Islands. Part of Bruce's portfolio — he is a freelance who writes for newspapers and magazines at home and abroad — included articles published in Am Bratach in the course of the previous year.

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